Manufacturer : Tere-stone

As you are aware, back on September 1, 2021, we increased our surcharge to 10% on our green June 17, 2019 price sheet. Prices have still not stabilized in our industry and supplies have become increasingly more and more difficult to obtain. We have seen unprecedented resin increases nearly every month since December of last year, multiple increases in many of our other raw materials, as well as increases in inbound and outbound transportation. We have been working on developing a new price sheet; however, we are reluctant to publish it until prices stabilize.

*At this time, we feel the need to increase the surcharge to 16% All orders received on or after Friday, November 19, 2021, which are priced in accordance with our green June 17, 2019 price sheet, will have a 16% surcharge added to the price. This surcharge will remain in effect until we publish a new price sheet. We wish to thank everyone for their support in these trying times.